Equestrian Centre News!


It’s summertime and time to saddle-up!

A visit to Wilderness Club is not complete without taking in a trail ride on one of the adjacent forested trails, or experiencing one of our equestrian daily events like horse yoga or a relay!

Christy Prophet, our new Wilderness homeowner and director of the Equestrian Center and her fifteen beloved horses, will insure you have a great equine experience.

“We want to make sure everyone can be involved in this sport; from the youngest to the even the most senior participants.”

Christy has promised to make the equestrian center “the place to be” and we know she will, as her mantra is to “have the whole world on horse back!”  Even if you’ve never “saddled up” before our programs are for all skill levels and parents are encouraged to lend a helping hand!  Or if you are already an expert rider Christy will challenge you with a fun ride!