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Wilderness Club Resort Montana - Executive GetawayIt may not be all that revolutionary in psychology to know that rest isn’t just about sleep, but is also about the ability to escape the daily grind and let your mental state also rest. Not that anyone in our staff is particularly licensed to assess stress in our guests, but we know based on past visitors and current resort residents that the tranquility and peace of our 550 acres tends to reverse the negativity that can be built up from daily life back at home.

The more we as a society are connected through technology and more efficient methods of producing or servicing customers in our businesses, the faster the pace and demands pile up on us. This can easily become a health burden to anyone if proper periods of rest and escape don’t occur. There’s a historical reason why the work week was defined as 40 hours and any additional work performed deemed as ‘over’time.

Executive getaways are a wise method to recharge and refocus. Many resorts and clubs around the country host executives and staff members or customers of those executives and their company. A quick read from Business Insider demonstrates a few ideas about the importance of these business retreats.

Wilderness Club Resort - Executive Luxury Cottages

Starting in 2020, the Wilderness Club Resort right here in the Northwest Montana mountain area of Eureka will be expanding its scope of service to the business community as a whole. Becoming a host to group outings, retreats, seminars, conf

erences and any other group gathering that involves 50-100 overnight guests and up to 250 attendees. Our existing facilities and amenities provide both the perfect setting for breathtakingly quiet surroundings but also offer the best of outdoor activities to invigorate and refresh the senses and body alike. From the challenging #42 in the USA ranked, Sir Nick Faldo designed golf course, to our horse park featuring some of the most beautiful trail horses, to the serene Wilderness Lake, th

e picturesque water park with salt water pools and a fun water slide, to the incredible luxury of our contemporary rustic designed cottages and cabins throughout the resort, guests will have no problem fitting in activities to help unwind an uninterrupted time to clearly think and discuss strategies to make their business grow in healthy ways as well. Night time stargazing in a hot tub or group bonfire experiences may cap off a relaxing time at the on-site full service spa. Local outfitters can provide guided fishing trips, hiking, off-road ATV experiences, skiing, boating and water sports, and just about any other experience available in NW Montana.

We offer custom tailored packages that include catering full meals or quick bag lunches or even fresh homemade gourmet pizzas. Whatever the targeted budget, we can customize an experience like no other. Easy access from many major airports around the country, Glacier International Airport is just 70 minutes south of Wilderness Club Resort.

Anyone interested in learning more about an executive getaway, please text “EXECUTIVE” to 406-889-6501 and a resort services representative will assist you.

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“We had no idea this place was even here but wow what a surprise it was. The beds were so comfy and the service from the staff was great because they were all so friendly. Only complaint is that we wish the rain held off til we left.”

— Brenda Smith (Missoula, MT)