"Ride the Montana Wilderness"

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A visit to Wilderness Club Resort is not complete without taking in a trail ride on one of the adjacent forested trails, or experiencing one of our carriage or sleigh rides! Christy Prophet, our Director of the Horse Park, and her 12 horses are a big part of why family's enjoy vacationing and living at Wilderness Club Resort. From trail rides, to carriage or sleigh rides, to private lessons or just hanging around helping feed and groom the horses, there's something for everyone.

Wilderness Club Resort

Christy Prophet

Wilderness Horse Park

To learn about requirements for riders, visit the booking page

Horse Rides

Operating hours daily from 7am – 6pm (CLOSED WEDNESDAYS)
13+ older / 12 & under (Maximum 4 people per outing)
Daily 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm (only)

One Hour Session 40 / 25

The trail route can be seen below and lasts approximately 45 minutes with an initial 15 minute ride in the arena for preparations. All riders must complete a waiver form and provide height and weight prior to participation to avoid delays. Horse Park management reserves discretion to exclude a rider due to safety concerns.

Pony Rides 20

Saturdays 9am-10am or by appointment (ages 10 & under)

Children will learn about horses, their upkeep, and personalities. This one hour focused event allows each participant riding time in the arena and the chance to get to know many of the horses.

Carriage / Sleigh Rides
13+ older / 12 & under (4-6 People)

50 Minute Ride 40 / 25

Up to 50 minute resort ride. Route can be seen on the back of this brochure. Intended for mixed groups and full families.

25 Minute Ride 20 / 12

Up to 50 minute resort ride. Route may vary. Intended for mixed groups and full families.

Private Ride 60
(18 over only)

Wilderness Club Resort OverlookIntended to provide couples a romantic carriage ride with privacy. The route is the same as shown on back except a slight deviation about half way to an overlooking hill of the entire resort with an amazing view where the ride stops for 15 – 25 minutes to enjoy the scenery and some informal privacy.

* Optional food and wine basket available with red or white wine, fruit, cheese, crackers & wine glasses 40

Private Lessons
(by appointment only)

Private 2 hours 100
Semi-Private 1 hour 35

* Route and rides may be altered at any time at the sole discretion of the Horse Park staff. FREE horse activities are available on resort activity schedule.

Wilderness Horse Park Ride Routes

Guest Comments:

“Aside from the beauty of the landscape in Montana, the Wilderness Club Resort is simply amazing. The rooms, the food, the golf, the water park and lake were all incredible. One of the most memorable vacations I’ve ever taken. Highly recommend.”

— Deb Blacklaw (Cleveland, OH)