"Wellness in the Wilderness"

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When visiting the Wilderness Club Resort, it's nice to know you can enhance your relaxation with a trip to the on-location spa. Whether it's pampering with one of our aestheticians or a therapeutic massage with one of our certified therapists, the ambience and entire experience will leave you feeling peaceful. From full body deep tissue massages, to skin treatments, to focusing on the hands and feet, there's something for everyone.

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Spa Menu


60 / 90 minutes

Therapeutic Massage 119 / 160

Our custom full-body therapeutic massage ranges from relaxing and stress relieving Swedish Style to a more specific deeper tissue to release troublesome knots and points of tension of a Deep Tissue/ Trigger point Style. We cater to what you would like for your style of Massage.

Prenatal Massage 119 / 160

Time for mommy-to-be to relax and unwind.  This is a full body Swedish Style Massage.  If requested some medium deeper work can done to release or ease points of tension. 

Hot Stone Massage    129 / 170

A relaxing full-body massage using pacific placement of hot stones on the  body to warm the tissue and increase the blood flow, aiding in stress relief and releasing of muscle tension.

Chair Massage (in-room)    40 minimum

Take advantage of a chair-massage at your room. Minimum 30 minutes, up to 90 minutes. Anyone can rotate into the chair during your time. Call front desk for booking a time. One dollar per minute plus ten dollar in-room fee.


Manicure  50 / 60 mins

Nail Trim and Filing, Cuticle Care, exfoliating scrub, Reflexology massage, and  polish

Pedicure   75 / 60 mins

Nail Trim and Filing, Cuticle Care, heal filing and exfoliating scrub, Reflexology massage, and  polish

Mini Manicure  25 / 30 mins

(13 years and under) Nail Trim and Filing, exfoliating scrub, massage, and polish

Mini Pedicure  35 / 30 mins

(13 years and under) Nail Trim and Filing, exfoliating scrub, massage, and polish

Hand Recovery   45 / 40 mins

Relaxing Aromatherapy Hand Soak and a Reflexology Hand Massage

Foot Recovery   65 / 50 mins

Relaxing Aromatherapy Foot Soak and a Reflexology Foot Massage


All facials include a relaxing neck, head and hand massage along with the the Facial treatment.

Radiant Vitamin C  89 / 50 mins

An antioxidant treatment that evens out skin tones, helps diminish fine lines and reduces redness and irritation leaving skin glowing. Great for all skin types, especially sun damages and mature skin.

Purifying   89 / 50 mins

This deeper cleaning of the skin, helps clean away dirt, oils and toxins trapped within the pores, which lead to dull and rough skin, and/or blemishes. With the treatment your preventing these effects and rejuvenating your skin to begin again fresh and new.

Moisture Replenishing   50 / 60 mins

Concentrating on the stratum corneum, outer layer of your skin we apply moisturizing serums, which help rehydrate the skin allowing  it to become soft and smooth once again.

Gentleman’s Facial   50 / 60 mins

Hydrating and toning techniques applied to your skin. Bringing out the evenness of skin tone, softening skin, and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Wrinkle Repair   159 / 80 mins

Our treatment help tighten and lift facial muscle reducing the appearance of fine lines, stimulates circulation, firm the skin, boost cell renewal, and stimulate collagen production.

Uplifting Repair   159 / 80 mins

Rejuvenating your skin to a more lifted look through serums and rolling massage actions, thus allowing the natural buoyancy and tone back into you skin.


Brow 15

Lip 10

Face 30

Underarm 25

Half Leg 45

Full Leg 65

Bikini 35

Brazilian First Session 65

Brazilian Maintenance (4-6 wks) 50

Guest Comments:

“Aside from the beauty of the landscape in Montana, the Wilderness Club Resort is simply amazing. The rooms, the food, the golf, the water park and lake were all incredible. One of the most memorable vacations I’ve ever taken. Highly recommend.”

— Deb Blacklaw (Cleveland, OH)